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Guest Book, Patrick Boylan, 3-18-2000,10:47:36
Feel free to leave a message in this guest book.
Thanks for stopping by...

Hi Boylans!, Tracy McAllister, 5-5-2000,10:21:24
Hi Patrick!
Sean is so cute! What a fun idea to have his very own web page so that all concerned can check out his development as he grows and grows. Just wait until he's 10 like my Drew. Already a young man. We live at the baseball and soccer fields and at the basketball court and the swimming pool! You have a lot of fun to look forward to. All the best to Lisa in her recovery,


Hello Sean, Adriana Berkelaar, 7-15-2000,9:8:37
Hey Sean How u doin??

I am so sorry I didn't get to see u when u come to Ireland.. :o(

Every one that saw you told me that u are the cutest baby that they have ever seen,awwww!!

Anyway I am hoping to get out and see u b4 next summer, I am going to start saving now and maybe I might just have enough saved...

I will email you again soon...

Lotsa love hugs and kisses



Hello again!!, AdrianaBerkelaar, 7-15-2000,15:13:23
Hello Sean

Well I am here babysitting and the people I babysit for lat me use the internet when the children go to bed... So they are just gone to sleep zzZ so I came on the net to talk to my friend and decided to come in and send you a message again...

email you soon




Yockey.org?, Jason Yockey, 8-7-2000,11:17:18
Saw you had listed the yockey.org site. Wanted to know if there were any Yockey's in your fam. Looked but didn't see any.


Greetings from England!, Adriana, 8-13-2000,9:7:21
hello sean

How are you?

Well Im here in England visiting my god daughter for a few days... she is just a few months older that you,and I was showing her your picture on the net. awww!!!

Anyway I will mail you again soon and send you some pictures of my visit :o)

Love Always



I like your new Picture!!!, Adriana, 8-28-2000,12:33:28
Hey Sean

How are you??

I love your new Picture... I cant believe you are walking now..

anyway i will mail soon Love



Hello, Jeff Moyer, 9-15-2000,20:41:11
Hey Pat I was just surfing and I thought I'd check out your page.

Hey wazup???, Adriana, 9-27-2000,11:23:5
how have you been since I mailed you last??

Well I started College last week doing Travel and Tourism so I have been up the walls getting books and working around my timetable.... that I am really tired! I hope everything is going ok 4you all..and that you are not being to much of a hand full 4 your parents...

Talk to you soon

Love you loads

xxx :o)

25 Days to Christmas :o), Adriana, 12-1-2000,11:13:20
Hey Sean
How have you been, I hope you have sent your Santy letter away not long more now :o)

How is Day care going? I bet you are talking non stop now...

I will write again soon as I am doing exams for the next 2 weeks and then get my Christmas Holidays on the 15th December to the 8th January (I caint wait)

Love cuddles and snuggles


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, Adriana, 1-23-2001,5:26:44
Hey Sean how are you??

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Sunday :o) your 2 now!

I hope you enjoyed Christmas and that Santy brought you load of nice stuff :o)



Nice web page, David Boylan, 7-14-2001,19:21:24
Hey, you got a nice web page with a lot of nice pictures

Clarification, Mary Dynan, 1-10-2002,18:36:12
Dear Webmaster

I have to-day accessed, with information from my cousin, a page in your McKenna section about my mother Pauline McGuckian (nee McKenna) which contains some inaccuracies, spelling errors and omissions. Is it possible to correct these? I also gather from my cousin that there are also inaccuracies in the Boylan section too, which I have not yet accessed, but would like to be able to set the record straight.

Thank you

Mary P Dynan (nee McGuckian)

Hope you are well?!, Adriana, 2-6-2002,15:41:2
Hey Sean

How are you?

Ihope that you are well and are being good for mummy and daddy?Hope to see you soon
Love Adriana

Addition, Mary Dynan, 5-12-2002,22:37:41
Re No 108 on the Descendents of John McKenna page:
Maeve Teresa Haughey was born on 1 May 2002 to Paul and Eadaion

Hi, Adriana, 9-28-2002,4:55:26
Hi Sean
Hope you are well?
I cant get over how grown up you are after getting :o)
I hope to see you next summer!
love Adriana xxx

Congratulations!, Melissa & Dale, 1-25-2004,19:59:9
Hi Lisa & Patrick,

Congratulations on the new addition to the Boylan clan!

Melissa & Dale

Congratulations!!, Chris Boylan, 1-28-2004,20:12:51
Dear Bro (and family),

Congratulations on your new arrival!! Kayla is absolutely beautiful! I hope mom, baby, dad and "Sean France" are doing well. (-: More pics of her cousin are online at http://www.boylanfamily.com/images/Brendan%20arrives!/

Good luck with everything!!

Hugs 'n kisses,

Chris, Cristina and Brendan

Wow!, Janie Huffman, 1-30-2004,8:54:15
All this time and I didn't know you had this website. Kayla is beautiful, Sean is beautiful, life is beautiful. Congratulations. Love, Janie

wanting to make contact with Jeanette (jet) of wilmington Del., Jim Kennaley, 4-5-2004,21:20:11
Jeanette: we lost contact a few years back and I want reconnect. I am your cousin from N.S.Canada

my e address , jim kennaley, 4-5-2004,21:33:31
This is for Jeanette of wilmington

I don't know how these things work and am unsure if I should leave my address in the open but here goes jimjudykennaley@hotmail.com

Family History, Charlene Boylan, 9-16-2004,5:11:46
are joy related to the boylan family in northren ireland? reply asap

Parnell Family - John Parnell, Rhonda, 9-28-2004,21:23:53
I believe our family descends are in this order: (current to oldest)

Benjamin Lee Parnell 1909-1991
Robert Benjamin Parnell
Robert (Leonard or Lincoln) Parnell
Franklin Parnell
Hardy(i) Parnell
John Parnell

If anyone has any info on this line of Parnell's please email me @ sparksrhonda@aol.com. TY in advance!!!!

test, Patrick Boylan, 12-27-2004,10:17:0

wondering what your great grandfathers name is, michael boylan, 2-21-2005,18:15:36
Hi my name is michael boylan and i live in the united states of america. My grandfather was andrew boylan and died here in the united states in the 1950's he had three sons howard, john and james and a daughter mary. i know that i had a great grandfather named andrew also who had 2 sons named andrew and was born in 1805 died in the middle of the 1800's was wondering if you were related in anyway. would appreciate the help if you could give me some info.

sincerely michael martin boylan

what cuties!, Bridget, 2-28-2005,21:39:15
Well, of course they are gorgeous..they must be related to me or something.......I am sending you very late Christmas gifts, and I didn't want you to have a heart attack because I am finally settled into my new house and can go back to normal life...I was floating around for most of January, and just finally got unpacked most of the way this week....hopefully we can get together over spring break in April.....love, Bridget

Hi, John Hamblin, 3-18-2005,4:44:38
Just checked the pictures ofn your beautiful children.
Hope all goes well with you folks.
We are now firmly settled in Halifax and just about as far as possible from you without crossing an ocean.
Love to all

Introducing... Katherine Elektra Boylan, Chris Boylan, 6-25-2005,19:27:16
Hey, bro,

New pics are live of your niece (4 days old today) and nephew. Go to www.boylanfamily.com to check 'em out.



Time to update, Steve, 4-7-2008,15:10:25
Time to update the site- good stuff though, particularly the kids and the conflict in Ireland.

to scrutiny, craig, 6-3-2008,22:6:9
Hi everyone
Someone will be elected for president in 2008

Family tree, Kevin, 12-15-2008,15:38:18
Just stumbled upon my name.
Kevin MacAllister

Mooney, Sean, 5-28-2009,10:29:45
My name is Sean Mooney, born in Co Monaghan, Eire. My parents were James and Gertie Mooney, Brothers and sisters, Seamus, Desmond, Sheila, Eileen, Colette and Cathal.
Found you site with my parents and other ancesters on!! Are we related? I live near Blackpool in England



Blakeney/Myers Descendent , Pamela, 8-27-2009,13:50:15
Hello - I am the granddaughter of Arthur William Myers and Odessa Blakeney. My mother was Alice Vivian Myers, father Glendon Robert Westhaver, both deceased. I was happy to find your website while doing research on my own family, and recognized a lot of family names in the list of individuals. Pamela

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