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Welcome to the Sayre surname message board, Patrick Boylan, 3-15-2001,18:0:19
Fell free to leave a message if you would like to contact someone else with Sayre family connections.

Thomas Sayre, Donna, 8-15-2002,15:38:30
Does anyone know where the founder of Southampton (one of the eight) is buried?

SAYRE FAMILY...another 100 years, Ralph H. Sayre, 9-15-2003,2:5:47
A new genealogy has been published (July 2003) by iUniverse. It is largely about descendants of David and Hannah (Frazier) Sayre, but includes some side branches and early ancestral information. If your roots extend into West Virginia or southeastern Ohio, you may be interested. Anyone who desires more complete description can email my autoresponder: books@123response.com and/ or visit http://www.iuniverse.com and type "sayre" in the bookstore search box then click on "search."

posts are re-enabled, Patrick Boylan, 1-6-2005,1:3:16
Posting was disabled for a while due to Spam.
However they are now re-enabled.
Feel free to post Sayre-related messages.

Joel Sayre, Herman Sayre, 2-27-2006,6:1:54
I am looking for information on Joel Sayre who lived in Ripley, Jackson CO., WV. then moved to Mason Co.. He died Jan 15, 1855. His children were Jacob, Laran, Sarah, Jane, Anna,to his first wife, Nehemiah, Squire, David, Doctor, Charles, Samuel to his second wife.
Thank you for any information.

Charles or Edwin Sayre(s) born in Leeds England, treacysayres, 11-9-2008,22:30:57
Edwin was born in Leeds England in 1899. Charles was born approximatey between 1867 and 1871..but may not have been born in
Leeds but in England. After reading for hours, I cannot find any discussion about these names or places. Can anyone help? Thanks !!

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