Descendants of Francis Duffy:

Generation 1

1. Francis Duffy, b. ABT. 1820, in Monaghan, Ireland, d. 6 MAY 1881, in Crosshue, Monaghan County, Ireland, married Catherine McNally.

Children of Francis Duffy and Catherine McNally:
  2.     i. Francis Duffy, b. ABT. 1858, d. UNKNOWN
  3.    ii. Patrick Duffy, b. ABT. 1861, d. BEF. 6 DEC 1921
       iii. Daniel Duffy, b. 31 MAR 1865, d. UNKNOWN
  4.    iv. Kate Duffy, b. 26 OCT 1867, d. AFT. 1910
         v. Peter Duffy, b. 30 SEP 1870, d. UNKNOWN
        vi. Duffy, d. UNKNOWN
  5.   vii. Elizabeth Duffy, b. ABT. 1865, d. UNKNOWN

Generation 2

2. Francis Duffy, b. ABT. 1858, in of Crosshugh, Monaghan, Ireland, d. UNKNOWN, occupation 9 MAY 1903:horse dealer, married Catherine Travers (daughter of James Travers and Catherine Woods) 24 NOV 1885 in Monaghan.

Children of Francis Duffy and Catherine Travers:
         i. Francis Gavin Duffy, b. 28 NOV 1887, d. 9 MAY 1903
  6.    ii. Elizabeth Catherine Duffy, b. 31 OCT 1889, d. UNKNOWN
       iii. James Duffy, b. 29 JAN 1891, d. UNKNOWN
        iv. John Patrick Duffy, b. 2 JUL 1892, d. UNKNOWN
         v. Margaret Ellen Duffy, b. 24 JUL 1894, d. UNKNOWN
        vi. Mary Josephine Duffy, b. 11 FEB 1896, d. UNKNOWN

3. Patrick Duffy, b. ABT. 1861, in Crosshugh, Monaghan, Ireland, d. BEF. 6 DEC 1921, in Monaghan, Ireland, married Bridget Mooney (daughter of Michael Mooney and Mary Caulfield) 2 SEP 1894 in St. Patrick's Church, Ballybay.

Children of Patrick Duffy and Bridget Mooney:
  7.     i. Frank Duffy, b. 6 FEB 1900, d. UNKNOWN
  8.    ii. Mary Catherine Duffy, b. 17 JUL 1898, d. 31 MAY 1990
       iii. Dan Duffy, b. ABT. 1902, d. 14 JAN 1989
        iv. Bridget Duffy, b. 28 JUL 1904, d. 22 NOV 1918

4. Kate Duffy, b. 26 OCT 1867, in Crosshugh, Monaghan, Ireland, d. AFT. 1910, married Bernard MacNeice (son of Matthew MacNeice and Jane Rafferty).

Children of Kate Duffy and Bernard MacNeice:
  9.     i. Mary MacNeice, b. 22 APR 1902, d. UNKNOWN
        ii. John MacNeice, b. 30 OCT 1906, d. UNKNOWN
       iii. Peter Dominic MacNeice, b. 5 SEP 1904, d. UNKNOWN
        iv. Matthew MacNeice, b. 10 MAR 1896, d. UNKNOWN
         v. Francis Gavan MacNeice, b. 25 SEP 1897, d. UNKNOWN
        vi. Elizabeth Catherine MacNeice, b. 2 OCT 1899, d. UNKNOWN

5. Elizabeth Duffy, b. ABT. 1865, in of Crosshugh, Monaghan, Ireland, d. UNKNOWN, married Francis Duffy (son of Francis Duffy) 23 FEB 1886 in Monaghan, Ireland.

Children of Elizabeth Duffy and Francis Duffy:
         i. James Albert Duffy, b. 21 MAY 1889, d. UNKNOWN
        ii. Mary Catherine Duffy, b. ABT. 1898, d. UNKNOWN
       iii. Henry Duffy, b. ABT. 1900, d. UNKNOWN
        iv. Daniel Duffy, b. ABT. 1902, d. UNKNOWN
         v. Elizabeth A. Duffy, b. ABT. 1904, d. UNKNOWN
        vi. Michael George Duffy, b. ABT. 1906, d. UNKNOWN
       vii. Florence Alice Duffy, b. ABT. 1909, d. UNKNOWN

Generation 3

6. Elizabeth Catherine Duffy, b. 31 OCT 1889, in Carrickanoran, Monaghan, Ireland, d. UNKNOWN, married James Keely 11 JUN 1929 in Monaghan.

7. Frank Duffy, b. 6 FEB 1900, d. UNKNOWN, married Hamil.

Children of Frank Duffy and Hamil:
         i. Private, b. Private
        ii. Private, b. Private

8. Mary Catherine Duffy, b. 17 JUL 1898, in Crosshue, Monaghan, Ireland, d. 31 MAY 1990, in Carrickanoran, Monaghan, Ireland, buried 1990, in St. Macartan's Cemetary, Monaghan, Ireland, married Patrick Joseph Boylan (son of Francis Joseph Boylan and Mary Teresa McKenna) 24 JUN 1929 in St. Macarten Cathedral, Monaghan, Ireland.

Children of Mary Catherine Duffy and Patrick Joseph Boylan:
         i. Alice May Boylan, b. 17 APR 1930, d. 14 MAR 1972
        ii. Private, b. Private
       iii. Francis Joseph Boylan, b. 1 JUN 1933, d. 9 AUG 2021
        iv. Private, b. Private

9. Mary MacNeice, b. 22 APR 1902, in Annaghmore, Longhall, Armagh, Ireland, d. UNKNOWN, married James Vallelly (son of James Vallely) 10 AUG 1921 in Church of Loughgal, Armagh.

Children of Mary MacNeice and James Vallelly:
         i. Mary Catherine Vallelly, b. 20 NOV 1921, d. UNKNOWN

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