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Clann MacKenna / MacCinna

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The Clann MacKenna / MacCinna was set up to establish and promote a network of MacKenna families throughout the world for the purpose of studying their family histories.

Some of the aims of the Clann are :
  • Register and record membership of the Clann MacKenna / MacCinna
  • Promote knowledge / use of family / ancestral names in Irish / English
  • Put on record the stories, songs, history and traditions of the Clann
  • Publish these records in annals, periodicals and book form
  • Record Irish / English names of lands / fields / forts / monuments etc.
  • Map out MacKenna territories, estates, monuments and relevant areas
  • Promote and record literary effort and scholarship among members
  • Establish offices, officers and committees to co-ordinate efforts
  • Call regional / international Rallies / Slogai for education / recreation
  • Promote the Office of Chieftain for the Clann

The Clann MacKenna Journal :
The current issue of the Clann MacKenna Journal is launched at the bi-annual Clann Rally. The book is made up of history from around the South Ulster area and extending to cover different corners of the world. Stories, songs, poems and traditional music are the staple diet of this fine book.

Clann MacKenna Motto - Cirtle Bharraigh Abu - or Roll of Flax to Victory. This was the cockade of flax which was worn by the MacKennas into battle.

The Clann International Rally :

The Clann International Rally is held every two years on the even numbered years. The 2006 International Rally will be held June 30-July 2, 2006 in County Monaghan -- why not plan to be there.

Become a member or find out more? - Write to -- The Hon. Registrar Clann MacKenna, Ms. Maria McKenna, 2 An Charraig, Mall Road, Monaghan, Ireland.
If you want to send pictures, letters or material for the Clann Journals the address is - Seamus McCluskey, Editor, 35, Main Street, Emyvale, Monaghan, Ireland.