Descendants of Stephen  Parnell:

Generation 1

1. Stephen  Parnell, b. ABT. 1762, in Cork or Kerry County, Ireland, d. AFT. 1832, in either Decatur or St Joseph Co, IN, married Margaret  Clendenin ABT. 1781 in Virginia.
  Children of Stephen  Parnell and Margaret  Clendenin:
    2.     i. Isaac  Parnell, b. ABT. 1796, d. 15 SEP 1862
    3.    ii. William  Parnell, b. 1796, d. 15 AUG 1865
    4.   iii. Andrew  Parnell, b. 1 MAY 1800, d. 1 DEC 1874
    5.    iv. Mary  Parnell, b. 1782, d. UNKNOWN
    6.     v. Joshua  Parnell, b. 1785, d. UNKNOWN
    7.    vi. James  Parnell, b. 13 MAY 1787, d. 10 OCT 1856
    8.   vii. Thomas  Parnell, b. ABT. 1788, d. UNKNOWN
    9.  viii. Sally  Parnell, b. 1790, d. UNKNOWN
   10.    ix. Margaret  Parnell, b. ABT. 1802, d. UNKNOWN
   11.     x. Martha  Parnell, b. ABT. 1809, d. UNKNOWN

Generation 2

2. Isaac  Parnell, b. ABT. 1796, in Madison County, Kentucky, d. 15 SEP 1862, in Atchison Co, KS, married Keziah  Wilson 7 OCT 1824 in Decatur Co., In.
  Children of Isaac  Parnell and Keziah  Wilson:
   12.     i. William  Parnell, b. ABT. 1843, d. UNKNOWN

3. William  Parnell, b. 1796, in Jefferson Co? Kentucky, d. 15 AUG 1865, in Van Buren Co, Arkansas, married Catherine  Fritz 17 OCT 1818 in Estill Co, Kentucky.

4. Andrew  Parnell, b. 1 MAY 1800, in Kentucky, d. 1 DEC 1874, in Jefferson Co, Kansas, buried 1874, in Round Mound Cem, Atchison, Kansas, married Mariah  Wilson 22 SEP 1825 in Decatur Co, Indiana.
  Children of Andrew  Parnell and Mariah  Wilson:
   13.     i. Benjamin M.  Parnell, b. 19 FEB 1829, d. 12 JAN 1910

5. Mary  Parnell, b. 1782, in Virginia, d. UNKNOWN, married Thomas  Singleton 27 FEB 1803 in Madison Co, Kentucky.

6. Joshua  Parnell, b. 1785, in Virginia, d. UNKNOWN, married Mary  Cane 11 APR 1807 in Madison Co, Kentucky.

7. James  Parnell, b. 13 MAY 1787, d. 10 OCT 1856, in Olive Township, St Joseph County, Indiana, buried UNKNOWN, in Olive Chapel Cem, St Joseph Co, IN, married Mary  Hooton 6 APR 1809 in Kentucky.
  Children of James  Parnell and Mary  Hooton:
   14.     i. William  Parnell, b. 2 APR 1810, d. 1 JAN 1900
   15.    ii. Nancy  Parnell, b. 22 FEB 1813, d. 4 FEB 1894
   16.   iii. Stephen  Parnell, b. 31 OCT 1819, d. UNKNOWN
   17.    iv. Thomas  Parnell, b. 17 AUG 1818, d. UNKNOWN
   18.     v. James Simpson  Parnell, b. 26 FEB 1822, d. 31 MAR 1898
   19.    vi. Andrew Jackson  Parnell, b. 18 APR 1825, d. UNKNOWN
         vii. John  Parnell, b. 10 DEC 1827, d. 10 SEP 1860
   20.  viii. Benjamin H.  Parnell, b. 26 MAR 1831, d. AFT. 1898
          ix. Elizabeth  Parnell, b. ABT. 1834, d. UNKNOWN

8. Thomas  Parnell, b. ABT. 1788, in Virginia, d. UNKNOWN, married Elizabeth  ?.

9. Sally  Parnell, b. 1790, in Virginia or Kentucky, d. UNKNOWN, married William  Bingham 6 AUG 1809 in Madison Co, Kentucky.

10. Margaret  Parnell, b. ABT. 1802, in Kentucky, d. UNKNOWN, married William  Henderson 22 MAR 1824 in Decatur Co, Indiana.

11. Martha  Parnell, b. ABT. 1809, in Indiana or Kentucky, d. UNKNOWN, married Uriah  Garton 14 DEC 1826 in Decatur Co, Indiana.

Generation 3

12. William  Parnell, b. ABT. 1843, in Missouri, d. UNKNOWN, married Margaret J.  Williamson.
  Children of William  Parnell and Margaret J.  Williamson:
   21.     i. Margaret K.  Parnell, b. AUG 1870, d. 1938
          ii. Anna E.  Parnell, b. ABT. 1872, d. UNKNOWN
         iii. Henry Owen  Parnell, b. ABT. 1874, d. UNKNOWN
          iv. Mathew Martilus  Parnell, b. ABT. 1877, d. UNKNOWN
           v. ?  Parnell, b. ABT. 1880, d. UNKNOWN
          vi. Martilus  Parnell, b. MAR 1877, d. UNKNOWN
         vii. Roy O.  Parnell, b. DEC 1885, d. UNKNOWN
        viii. Harrison  Parnell, b. AUG 1888, d. UNKNOWN
          ix. Morton  Parnell, b. AUG 1888, d. UNKNOWN
           x. Kelley  Parnell, b. JAN 1892, d. UNKNOWN

13. Benjamin M.  Parnell, b. 19 FEB 1829, in Decatur, Indiana, d. 12 JAN 1910, in Jefferson County, Kansas, married Margaret  Taylor.
  Children of Benjamin M.  Parnell and Margaret  Taylor:
           i. Mary  Parnell, d. UNKNOWN
          ii. Andrew  Parnell, d. UNKNOWN
         iii. Julia Ann  Parnell, d. UNKNOWN
          iv. James Perry  Parnell, d. UNKNOWN
           v. Libba O.  Parnell, d. UNKNOWN
          vi. William J.  Parnell, d. UNKNOWN

14. William  Parnell, b. 2 APR 1810, in Madison Co, Kentucky, d. 1 JAN 1900, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, buried 1900, in Albion Cem, Marshall Co, Iowa, married Polly  Thompson 19 JAN 1832 in Decatur Co, Indiana.
  Children of William  Parnell and Polly  Thompson:
           i. David  T., d. AFT. 1899
          ii. Nancy  E., d. AFT. 1899
         iii.  Emily, d. AFT. 1899
          iv.  Edgar, d. AFT. 1899
           v.  Elmer, d. AFT. 1899

15. Nancy  Parnell, b. 22 FEB 1813, in Madison Co, Kentucky, d. 4 FEB 1894, in St Joseph Co, Indiana, married William  Montgomery 4 MAR 1830 in Greensburg, Decatur Co, Indiana.
  Children of Nancy  Parnell and William  Montgomery:
           i. Sarah  Ann, b. 1831, d. 1922
          ii. Mary  Jane, b. 1832, d. 1864
         iii. Edward  James, b. 1834, d. 1884
          iv. Simon  Peter, b. 1836, d. 1895
           v. John  Hunt, b. 1840, d. 1928
          vi. William  Stephen, b. 1844, d. 1921
         vii. Esther  Alcy, b. 1846, d. 1928
        viii. Louisa  Katharine, b. 1852, d. 1934
          ix. Nancy  Ellen, b. 1853, d. UNKNOWN

16. Stephen  Parnell, b. 31 OCT 1819, in Madison Co, Kentucky, d. UNKNOWN, married Mary  Underwood 16 MAY 1844 in Marshall Co, Indiana.

17. Thomas  Parnell, b. 17 AUG 1818, in Decatur Co, Indiana, d. UNKNOWN, married Susannah  Wiltfong 1 APR 1841 in St Joseph Co, Indiana.

18. James Simpson  Parnell, b. 26 FEB 1822, in Greensburg, Decatur Co, Indiana, d. 31 MAR 1898, in New Carlisle, St Joseph Co, Indiana, buried 1898, in New Carlisle Cem., married Zilpha  Clark 29 MAR 1846 in St Joseph Co, Ind.
  Children of James Simpson  Parnell and Zilpha  Clark:
           i. Benjamin  Frank, d. UNKNOWN
          ii.  Joseph, d. UNKNOWN
         iii.  Ella, d. UNKNOWN
          iv.  ?, d. UNKNOWN
           v.  ?, d. UNKNOWN

19. Andrew Jackson  Parnell, b. 18 APR 1825, in Decatur Co, Indiana, d. UNKNOWN, married Alcy  Taylor 6 OCT 1845 in Decatur Co, Indiana.
  Children of Andrew Jackson  Parnell and Alcy  Taylor:
   22.     i. Mary Olive  Parnell, b. ABT. 1850, d. UNKNOWN
          ii. Algeline  Parnell, b. ABT. 1852, d. UNKNOWN
         iii. Evaline  Parnell, b. ABT. 1852, d. UNKNOWN
   23.    iv. James Dudley  Parnell, b. 21 MAR 1854, d. 1933
           v. Rachael  Parnell, d. UNKNOWN
   24.    vi. Margaret  Parnell, b. ABT. 1856, d. UNKNOWN
         vii. Nancy  Parnell, d. UNKNOWN

20. Benjamin H.  Parnell, b. 26 MAR 1831, in Indiana, d. AFT. 1898, married Cynthia  Culp 29 OCT 1851 in LaPorte Co, Indiana.

Generation 4

21. Margaret K.  Parnell, b. AUG 1870, in Missouri, d. 1938, buried 1938, in Hollister IOOF Cemetery, married ?  Stone., married (2)  Clark., married (3) Ralph  Yockey 1887.
  Children of Margaret K.  Parnell and Ralph  Yockey:
           i. Lula  Yockey, b. AUG 1888, d. UNKNOWN
          ii. Clara E.  Yockey, b. NOV 1897, d. UNKNOWN
         iii. Luther  Yockey, d. UNKNOWN
   25.    iv. Arcie Morris  Yockey, b. 23 APR 1894, d. 25 DEC 1985
           v. Melvin L.  Yockey, b. AUG 1888, d. UNKNOWN
          vi. Georgie A.  Yockey, b. MAR 1899, d. UNKNOWN

22. Mary Olive  Parnell, b. ABT. 1850, d. UNKNOWN
  Children of Mary Olive  Parnell and ?:
           i. Myron  Parnell, d. UNKNOWN

23. James Dudley  Parnell, b. 21 MAR 1854, in LaPorte, LaPorte Co, Indiana, d. 1933, in Fulton, South Dakota, buried UNKNOWN, in Parnell family plot Graceland Cemetery, Mitchell, S. D., married Caroline Vially Elsie  Wilcox.
  Children of James Dudley  Parnell and Caroline Vially Elsie  Wilcox:
           i. Cecil Andrew  Parnell, b. 1881, d. UNKNOWN
   26.    ii. Jesse  Parnell, b. 1883, d. 13 JUN 1924
   27.   iii. Margaret Elizabeth Elsie  Parnell, b. 26 FEB 1885, d. 6 MAR 1965
   28.    iv. Carl James  Parnell, b. 17 DEC 1886, d. 1965
           v. Johnny  Parnell, b. 1888, d. 1909
   29.    vi. Olive  Parnell, b. 1893, d. 1907
   30.   vii. Nell Maurine  Parnell, b. 15 AUG 1900, d. UNKNOWN

24. Margaret  Parnell, b. ABT. 1856, d. UNKNOWN, married Abe  Crombie.
  Children of Margaret  Parnell and Abe  Crombie:
           i. Iva  Crombie, d. UNKNOWN
          ii. Orpha  Crombie, d. UNKNOWN

Generation 5

25. Arcie Morris  Yockey, b. 23 APR 1894, in Honey Lake Valley, Missouri, d. 25 DEC 1985, in Oroville Hospital, Oroville, California, buried 30 DEC 1985, in Hollister, California, married Rosa Lee  Land.
  Children of Arcie Morris  Yockey and Rosa Lee  Land:
   31.     i. Ralph Howard  Yockey, b. 13 APR 1912, d. 7 NOV 1985
          ii. Albert Hugh  Yockey, b. Private
   32.   iii. Beulah Lee  Yockey, b. Private
   33.    iv. Dorothy June  Yockey, b. Private
   34.     v. Bonnie Florin  Yockey, b. Private
   35.    vi. Norma Mae  Yockey, b. Private
         vii. Marvin Franklin  Yockey, b. 25 SEP 1923, d. 5 JAN 1988
   36.  viii. Morris  Yockey, b. Private
          ix. Roger  Yockey, b. Private

26. Jesse  Parnell, b. 1883, in Marshalltown, Iowa, d. 13 JUN 1924, in near Mitchell, South Dakota, married Peter  Peterson 1902.
  Children of Jesse  Parnell and Peter  Peterson:
           i. Marie Arguette  Peterson, b. Private
          ii. Vernon Leander  Peterson, b. Private
         iii. Vera Irene  Peterson, b. Private
          iv. Loris Theodore  Peterson, b. Private
           v. Glenn Ivan  Peterson, b. Private
          vi. Lila Frances  Peterson, b. Private
         vii. Harry Dudley  Peterson, b. Private
        viii. Evelyn Lorraine  Peterson, b. Private

27. Margaret Elizabeth Elsie  Parnell, b. 26 FEB 1885, in Marshalltown, Iowa, d. 6 MAR 1965, in Fulton, South Dakota, buried 1965, in Fulton Cemetery, married Claude Linton  Hildebrand 26 FEB 1905 in Fulton, South Dakota.
  Children of Margaret Elizabeth Elsie  Parnell and Claude Linton  Hildebrand:
           i. Elsie Carrie  Hildebrand, b. 1906, d. UNKNOWN
          ii. Linton Herbert  Hildebrand, b. 1907, d. UNKNOWN
         iii. LaVerne  Hildebrand, b. Private
          iv. Eldon James  Hildebrand, b. 1910, d. UNKNOWN
           v. Ella Lucille  Hildebrand, b. Private
          vi. Doris Mary  Hildebrand, b. Private
         vii. John Claude  Hildebrand, b. Private
        viii. Edwin Maurice  Hildebrand, b. Private
          ix. Archie Clell  Hildebrand, b. Private
           x. Maurine Jessie  Hildebrand, b. Private
          xi. Keith Norval  Hildebrand, b. Private
   37.   xii. Marguerite Bessie  Hildebrand, b. Private
        xiii. Leslie Kaye  Hildebrand, b. Private
         xiv. Duane George  Hildebrand, b. Private

28. Carl James  Parnell, b. 17 DEC 1886, in Iowa, d. 1965, in South Dakota, buried UNKNOWN, in Serviceman's Plot in Graceland Cem in Mitchell, married Hannah  Boeckman 1920.
  Children of Carl James  Parnell and Hannah  Boeckman:
           i. DeVita  Parnell, b. Private
          ii. Joyce  Parnell, b. Private

29. Olive  Parnell, b. 1893, in Iowa, d. 1907, in South Dakota
  Children of Olive  Parnell and ?:
           i. Lawrence Oliver  Parnell, d. UNKNOWN

30. Nell Maurine  Parnell, b. 15 AUG 1900, in Iowa, d. UNKNOWN, in South Dakota, married Carl  Hagenbuch 1921.
  Children of Nell Maurine  Parnell and Carl  Hagenbuch:
           i. Janet  Hagenbuch, b. Private
          ii. Gilbert  Hagenbuch, b. Private
         iii. Roger  Hagenbuch, b. Private

Generation 6

31. Ralph Howard  Yockey, b. 13 APR 1912, in Anderson, MO, d. 7 NOV 1985, in Hollister, California, buried UNKNOWN, in Hollister IOOF Cemetery, married Thelma  Labidie Private., married (2) Jewell  Deatherage Private.

32. Beulah Lee  Yockey, b. Private, married Joe  Valdez Private.

33. Dorothy June  Yockey, b. Private, married George Clarence  Hartman Private.

34. Bonnie Florin  Yockey, b. Private, married William  Colburn Private., married (2) Antone  Resetar Private., married (3) Michael  Panelli Private.

35. Norma Mae  Yockey, b. Private, married Emilio  Zanella Private.

36. Morris  Yockey, b. Private, married Joanne  King Private.

37. Marguerite Bessie  Hildebrand, b. Private, married Lawrence Theodore  Riiff Private.

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